Cassava PLANT Heirloom – Ready to Plant – Potatoe Substitute



Cassava PLANT in a pot – ready to plant – Potatoe Substitute

Cassava, manihot esculenta is easy to grow and doesn’t need much water at all. Cassava will grow in full sun and half-shade. This is the so-called “sweet cassava” which is a perfect potatoe substitute. Please read my article here for more info.

Planting tips: Remove from the pot, plant in good soil, and give it some water. Remember: the better the soil, the quicker and better your plants will grow. All our edibles grow happily and quickly in raised garden beds.

Eating tips: This vegetable has to be cooked/boiled before eating. The thick skin needs to be peeled and discarded before cooking. Perfect potatoe substitute. Great for chips and to make flour and starch. The leaves are edible when boiled for at least 15 minutes. Great for soups and curry dishes.

IMPORTANT: Never eat Cassava raw. The root must be cooked as the peel contains cyanide.

The price is for one Cassava plant in a pot, naturally grown in my permaculture food forest. Sending within Australia only. Not to WA.

Make your own research before trying any new foods. Please also note our disclaimer in the footer of this page.


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