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When you order cuttings or plants from us, they may not look 100% “perfect”. That is why I feel like there is a need to inform you about the way how I grow plants in my food forest, and about the propagation and potted plant maintenance method in my small permaculture home nursery compared to a commercial plant nursery.

Being a passionate permaculture designer, I focus on working with nature, and not against it. I love being surrounded by nature and working with plants, and that is one of the reasons why I started this online shop. Our food forest is based exclusively on natural growing methods. No pesticides, no herbicides, no chemical fertilisers, and no hormones are being used to grow plants. The success of the thriving plants in our food forest is based on biodiversity, aged chicken manure from our happy chickens, homemade compost, and biomass that we grow in abundance. The plants you receive are all propagated by myself and come from the mother plants out of our food forest based in Pacific Haven in SEQLD.

On the other hand, most commercial nurseries are selling plants that are grown in “plant factories” located in greenhouses and have a controlled environment and optimal use of fertilizers, hormones, pesticides, and watering. They look perfect, lush, and healthy when you buy them. When you regularly buy plants, you might have experienced that some of the plants lost their luster after a few weeks, or maybe not survived after being planted into a natural environment.

I don’t have a controlled environment. All my plants are grown 100% naturally. They may have a couple of spots on the leaves, some leaves that have been nibbled on, or the plant is a bit tired from the journey when you receive it. They are not optimised with any “artificial” plant enhancers to look perfect. They are naturally strong and prepared to live in a natural environment. They may not look perfect, and you may need to wait sometime before you receive your order but you can be assured that the plants and seeds you receive are grown with love, and I am passing this passion to you with every single plant I send away. ” Ewa Bekiesch – founder of Permaculture Haven and Food Forest Seeds Australia

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